Tuesday, April 24

Eleventh Hour

A bit ' honoured ' the creator of this beary skin tagged me!
Wonder how she got my blog name...

Anyway, in like, 3 days exams start!!!
Gonna get tortured by the cramming blues...
& it's only 16 days left to the end of exams!!

Can't believe the first day of our exams is gonna take such a loong day!
School ends at 2.45!!

Man, what a pain...

Anyway, gotta make this post snappy since I entered the net forbiddenly...
Think i'll soo fail that Math common test today!

At least my CA1 (or SA1??) result for POA wasn't so bad...
Improved quite a bit...
Sylvia's was the highest.
& that teacher (Becky saw) was actually smilling so as he said we may change teachers the following term to a female one... (-_ -)"
Gotta run now! Share

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