Saturday, April 21

Day Out with Fam

Went to Vivo in the afternoon with my mum & bro!
Was just recording songs from the computer to my music player before that... ('_' )"
My mother wore a grey dress with black leggings, that part was okay.
But so NOT the orange shoes!

Anyway, when we got there, we ate Long John Silvers (okay, i'm not supposed to give a DETAILED description in case I bore you to death...).

We got a movie ticket to watch Meet the Robinsons!
The movie's pretty cool, it may look childish & all, but it's nice. =D
The kid goes into the FUTURE and finds out the evil villian was his roommate while he was an orphan & the guy who brought him into the FUTURE was his FUTURE son!

Saw that Mediacorp Channel U sometimes-host woman called Quan YiFeng or something on the veranda area at the top floor...
She was SMOKING at a dustbin& talking to 2 men.
Can't believe I actually deceived myself thinking Singaporean "celebs" are DECENT.

We went to this real cool shop front Pet Safari!
Loved the entrance area.
There was this boat which laid outside and the walls were made of wood-like stuff, which says "DO NOT TOUCH" of course.
Saw some puppies and hamsters and rabbits inside!
It was so cool.
This Shih Tzu was staring at me & I just stared back & wished I could buy it right there & then!
There was this black poodle-like dog too!
The hamsters were so pint-sized while the rabbits were... well, fat.

It would be like a dream come true if I can actually get a puppy!!
can't wait to go back & see those cuties again! Share

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