Friday, April 20


I know this is not Christmas yet (actually,it's already loong over) but saw this real cute pic while searching for dog profiles and stuff!

This is supposed to a Westie!
The face is a bit ugly but the puppies are soo CUTE!
Wish I can get one...

But I don't mind a Charles Cavalier King Spaniel either, as recommended by SOMEONE.
But some people just can't AFFORD such expensive ones!!

Here's one convo where I tries to persuade my mother to get a dog just 2 weeks ago...

Me: Mummy, can I have a dog??

Mother: No, cannot.

Me: Why?

Mother: Cos if you have one, you'll go home one day & realise there's dog meat all laid out for you on the dinner table.

('_' )"

Dunno if I should change my skin!
On 2nd thoughts, mine seem a bit childish!!
I mean, hey, look at the BEAR!
& the title, which says: Candy Land-Yummilicous or something...
Don't think I can blog much till end of exams!!
But still, I wish the last day of exams is just tomorrow!
Life would be SO much easier then... Share

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