Thursday, April 19

More Complaints

Wish there were no such things as exams or tests!
Going crazy thanks to it!!

When you want the exams to quickly get it over with, they come slowly!
& even more so when you start counting down the days!!
& when you haven't gotten your revision done much, you wish it was like, 3 weeks later or something!
But it feels like the exams will start the next day!
Strange philosophy isn't it?

Why can't tomorrow be like, the Art exam?
Wish I have a time machine in my hands or something
Then, my troubles would be so OVER!
Nothing to worry about, only the results of the papers!
But still, it would be ages away...
OMG, it's still 3 weeks away!!
Can't stand this any longer...

Think I may really yell in happiness once the Art exam is over!
But then, only if I live!

(P.S: I'm NOT planning to commit suicidal acts or something!!
After all, I've yet to know my History pop quiz results!! =.=") Share

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