Friday, April 13

Ranting Friday the 13th

Haven't exactly blogged in a real loong time...

Anyway, school this week was damn awful as usual. I wonder when the mid-year exams will finish and then I can go to Vivo!
Becky said there's a pet shop there which sells almost anything!!
Things related to pets of course...

Just this Wednesday, this two sec 1 girls came and sat at Becky and my table without ASKING!
I mean, the whole canteen tables may be full up but can't they ASK?
What's more they acted like we were the ones barging in on them when more of their friends came and squeezed in!

Then, i began like eating REAAL slowly, cos I didn't wanna, you know, lose?
When we left (cos we can't stay there forever, watching them stare at us?), they said loudly, " Move up."
Even when we were sec 1s, we didn't do THAT!

Anyway, just realised today's Friday the 13th...
& I didn't even notice it for an entire day (almost)!

Now thanks to my mother installing some stupid Window Live OneCare or something and the computer's like, real slow now!!
Anyway, gotta run so Ciao!! Share

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