Monday, April 2

In the School Lab

Found this cute cartoon while surfing for backgrounds!
It looks pretty disgusting but the characters are really cute!
Wonder what they're called...

Today was so damn boring and irritating. As usual.
At least we did something BETTER than Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Art period!
We did webpages, but too bad we didn't have the program at home!
Becky said it will cost loads!
But then, I'm not so good at designing either...

Anyway, thanks to the stupid rain on Saturday, I gotta go now on Friday night... (*_*")
But at least there's no school on Friday!
Thank GOD!!!
Wish I wasn't born in Singapore or anything...
I mean, it's great there's no potential natural disaster or wars in this country or anything but there are just SOME things that can't be avoided!

Like the fact nOrmaLs can't take a CERTAIN subject in THIS school.
Or this country doesn't even have a theme park (Escape Theme Park doesn't really count, under some circumstances)!
Oh! And there're NO 4 seasons in this place!
So I can't get to ski or even throw snowballs at my bro!
Snow City may have "snow", yeah.
But it's FAKE.& there's no way you can even lift up a handful, much less a spoonful of snow!

Okay gotta go since this school lab will be closed at 4.30!!!

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