Friday, July 13

Trip to Indo

Know I haven't blogged in weeks...
or months??

So happy I could get 1 and a half days off from school!
The downside?

Gotta "look forward" to the Math common test and stay back an HOUR in the staff room...

Went to Batam for some wedding dinner of my relative's there.

The return ferry home was rad, too bad I had to rush for music lessons...
The wind was super strong when my brother & I went up to the sundeck!
Wish I could go on it another time...

The hotel we stayed at for a day (Mecure Hotel) was nice!
Liked the rooms.
(ok, I basically flattened the pic but whatever...)

These are pix of the suite.
Surprised they're quite nice in such a country.
The bottom pic is a hotel lounge.
The chairs are damn comfy =D
Love the lighting!
I went to a shopping centre there & they have this mini inflated pool where they have 2 inflated balls with zips you can enter from.
Then they'll blow oxygen in the transparent (duh!) balls & you'll crawl 'round in the ball on the water!
They look quite fun tho...
Too bad I didn't have time to try it but I only saw little children doing it =.=
Gonna watch Switched! now so Ciao!!


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