Thursday, August 9


Haven't blogged in a pretty long while...
Can't believe time passes soo fast!
It's like 8 more days to my birthday!

Too bad I'd probaby have an English test and Chinese tuition on THAT day.
Becky gave me a guess-the-word clue on my birthday present.
Only guessed it many days later.
8 letters, starting with a 'S' and ends with an 'E'.
Can't believe how long i took to guess it.

I'm beginning to hate my life more and more.
Was even on the verge of jumping down when... (i'll not reveal the event).
Though by that incident, I found a great pastime.
And i think I'm getting better with it!
It might even make me famous and all!

Speaking of hating my life, I really hate the school!
We can't get hot water!
Why can't they relent just for 2 pitiful starving children?

The food in the canteen sucks, and all we got for Nat Day was highlighters!
My bro's school gave color pens, which were way cooler!

Yesterday, Becky and I went to Vivo!
She said I.Lee had claimed it would be crowded when we got there but there wasn't a single other SM girl around ( i think) and there wasn't much people round 10 plus a.m.
We looked at the toy poodles in Pet Safari for a long time and the Shetland Sheepdogs there looked so pitiful and sad, even if they are about to be sold!

Gotta go! Ciao!

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