Tuesday, August 14


Okay, it's officially 3 more days to my birthday!
Gotten my pic for the stupid IC.
Like Becky stated, it was all the more REASON I AM a Singaporean.

Which is exactly why I have to start finding relevant materials for CME english writing assignment.
School seriously sucks.
& the worst part?
It's not being able to do anything about it!
If you run away, you'll hear the sirens in less than 5 hours.
If you flee from Singapore, you'll find yourself in a children's home. In SINGAPORE.
& if you try to commit suicidal actions, you end up in hell.

Yep, that's LIFE.

Really hope I get a dog or laptop for my birthday!
& not some stupid stationery or whatever.
Or those FURREAL dogs or children Barbie laptops!
What's more I'll have to go out tonight with my 'rents for some cake =.=
Yup, both of 'em, unfortunately.
Worst night of my life, nearly.


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