Monday, February 15

Day after Valentine's Day

What a bummer. I broke yet another day of daily posts on my blog! This Valentine's Day had been REAL busy, but I ain't out on some date or any other romantic inclinations. Only people I saw that day were relatives (and distant ones) and family. Pretty pathetic huh? However, on the 14th of February, it's also 'Single Awareness Day' and 'Chinese New Year'! So, here's a belated  Happy Valentine's Day, Single Awareness Day, and Kung Hei Fat Choi!
 It's pretty cool 'Single Awareness Day' falls on the same day as Valentine's! It probably helps people like moi feel a teensy bit better about being alone, for now. Still, I'm pretty happy about being of a single status. No one likes getting tied down! Here's a little something for me to personally get over this year's bloody Valentine's Day: A Valentine's Scripture!

The girl is waaaaay adorable!

Anyway, previously I mentioned really desperately I'd lost my wallet right? Turns out next morning, my brother showed me where he hid it - atop a cabinet where all the stuffed toys wrapped in plastic among lots of dust are. Spent the next five minutes cleaning out any visible dirt I saw on my wallet. Still, I'd prayed the previous night that I hoped it'd resurface, so I guess I shouldn't complain much about it.

I'd just finished watching a free airing of 'Slumdog Millionaire'! I can now see why it's won so many rave reviews and awards and all. Jamal, a Mumbai teen who had lived in the slums goes through the gruelling 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' - Indian version! Note: If you haven't watched it yet, look away now. For those who wants a good spoiler, read on! Surely most who I hasn't watched it knows he won, I mean, you can almost tell from trailers and TV ads. Turns out he didn't cheat, get lucky, or was a genius of some kind! He went through his own experiences and  got nearly killed several times along the way. Of course, he had questions he couldn't answer, especially the final question which made him a 20 million rupees! Those were just luck, I suppose. The disgusting parts were those in brothels and Jamal jumping in poop just to see a big celebrity.

Crap I gotta go now! Ciao!

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