Tuesday, March 2

☮Peace Signs☮

I feel A WHOLE LOT BETTER after just taking a long, hot shower! Before, I was just grouchy, really irritated and tired to the bone! What's more, there had been an awful highway traffic jam just now on our way home, thanks to a pretty reckless driver who thought he could just speed it up with no cars around. His car crashed another one pretty similar to his (family-oriented sorts) to the other side of the road! Both cars' front and back were hell wrecked. I even got a close-up of the whole thing, since we went right through the middle of the accident... Devastating. Prayers there weren't any major injuries! I doubt there were any casualties, I heard no siren of the ambulance! What's more, we were in a TAXI, and the driver didn't bother stopping the meter for just a bit! Obviously, the fare was waaay expensive when we got outta that shiz!

Now, it's all about the PEACE signs! You see them everywhere, on celebrities, and graphics all over the world!
ABOVE: Selena Gomez wearing a loosely knotted linen peacesign scarf!
ABOVE: Dakota Fanning sporting a peace sign jewelry! Envious!
ABOVE: More variety of peace sign scarves! I'd love the pink and white ones...
ABOVE: My Twitter page background recently updated to one with cool peace signs! Props to http://myhotcomments.com/!
ABOVE: My hair looks a little bit snowed upon, and dirty blonde(sorta!) Gotta ❤ the purple hoodie!

This is a cool activity for you to try! Comment on how well (or awful) you've done bottom of this post! Hate to boast, but this was sort of a breeze for me ;D
BELOW: This ULTIMATELY creeped me out. FYI, the baby's s'posed to BLINK!

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."
- Mother Teresa

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