Saturday, May 1

Pawssionate! Part One

I just joined this extra-curricular called 'Pawssionate' for school today. It's mostly event-based. And we're supposed to have an overnight camp in the zoo sometime. What??!! The people from there don't seem as intimidating as the ones in my course though, so that's all right. Played some really dumb games though, and had to introduce ourselves (once again)... Other than that, it was pretty okay.

Some awesome quality pictures below that another kind soul had sent me! Thanks, Billy Jo! These are sure to make anyone smile!! This is part one of 7 pix! I'm showing more tmrw so check back ('cos I'm seriously running out of stuff to blog about...)!

ABOVE: Man... I'm getting so FAT I can hardly scratch my own butt!!
ABOVE: These morning walks are killing me!!!
ABOVE: What part of QUIET didn't you understand?
ABOVE: Okay, now don't move for about a week!
ABOVE: I hate it when this happens!
ABOVE: I'm so cute, they won't care if I shred this!!
ABOVE: Sorry Mom, I'm new at this!
"Don't cry because its over, Smile because it happened!"
- Dr. Seuss

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