Saturday, April 24

Tee Off! Part Three

Okay, before I start once again on the funny tees, here's what happened on the last day of the first week of the new school term!

Met Bucky real early at the library (my only sort-of fave place at the school now) to revise Adobe Photoshop stuff! Turns out she knew a lot more than I did! Couldn't help her any more than I could myself... I managed to find my class real easily since I spotted some classmates whose faces I remembered going in through a glass door. Turns out you need a valid thumbprint to go through it. 

Anyway, we learned Adobe Illustrator in this class for Graphics Communication. It was so much easier to learn! But I got lost during some parts too. Why do lecturers speak SO FAST?! But this was my end design(there was supposed to be a tablecloth design over it but I missed out the explanation for that!):
ABOVE: The ants creeped me out!
We got dismissed several minutes earlier and I spotted Beck with a group doing Location Video Production with this old camera!
Got home pretty fast and got crackin' at figuring out Photoshop again. The vid tutorial the lecturer posted up helped a lot, and I FINALLY knew how to do all that stuff! Mine turned out like that:
All righty, off we go with the tee slogans once more! Not including footnotes for all of them though!

ABOVE: Ice Ice Baby!

ABOVE: Indiana Jones wears one.
ABOVE: Rock Paper Scissors!

ABOVE: Cool for Easter!

ABOVE: Scarebears!

ABOVE: Brought to you by The Rocks.
ABOVE: This is actually funny!


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