Thursday, April 22

Tee Off! Part Two + Earth Day Spesh!

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate this special green day today, meant to raise awareness for environmental protection, I'll be putting up some special segments, including videos, related to the environment and Earth! Something for everyone to enjoy! (To view the videos in their full sizes, just double click them.)

Take the Green Quiz here!
Color the Earth here!
Take action for Earth Day here!
Breakdown of 'How We Celebrate Earth Day' here! (This is actually hilarious!)
Best Earth Day blog post (aside from mine?!) here!

Tee Off! continues with more funnier and awesome-r T-shirt slogans!
ABOVE: ...Almost as much as I love mocking them.
ABOVE: The ninja's greatest strength is in his stealth and agility? His biggest weakness? Beans.
ABOVE: Don't let the rainbows and river dancing fool you.
ABOVE: BRB actually stands for Boomerang Right Back in Australia.
ABOVE: The New Testament encourages answering questions with other questions as a means of facilitating conversations. So what better way to fully understand what Jesus would do, than by inquiring what he wouldn't do?
ABOVE: If we can't pass basic English, why should they have to?
ABOVE: Dear Mayans: Thank You for giving us another reason to drink/party.
ABOVE: No comment.
ABOVE: Remember the evolutionary war? The red-shirts are coming!
ABOVE: Perfect for freaks or geeks.
ABOVE: When we think of the phrase "act of God," usually bad things come to mind: a flood, an earthquake, a tornado. But how often does God get credit for the good things?
ABOVE: An inconvenient shirt.
ABOVE: This is an intergalactic shotgun calling.
ABOVE: No comment.
ABOVE: A 20-sided die is called an Icosahedron. You try making a pun out of that though.
ABOVE: Get it? Intense? In ... tents? Camping can also be done in cabins but that's not as punny.



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