Wednesday, April 21

Tee Off! Part One

Had a whole day's of lectures just a few hours ago! Couldn't even find a decent seat at lunch break! We sat out under a parasol with uncleared trays and flies and bees hovering around us. Graphic Communication was utterly boring. So was Principles of Marketing. I had NO IDEA what was going on half the time! Media in Society was a tad better! Anyway, on to less boring talk!

I found some sites where they sell slogan tees and they post up their designs! Some of them were actually pretty good, and hilarious! So I thought I'd post them up part by part! Here goes!

ABOVE: Everybody knows making fun of a three-legged dog is socially unacceptable.
ABOVE: What would tick Mao off more? This tee, or the fact that it is being sold on a free market?
ABOVE: Ladies of grace love an outdoorsman.

ABOVE: I choose you. Sorry.
ABOVE: Quick! Find a cookie that says 'Just kidding'!
ABOVE: Is it still a house party without a house?
ABOVE: She's hot for him.
ABOVE: If you liked it, you shouldn't have let it join a convent!
ABOVE: Hang in there... There's still time to buy a vowel.
ABOVE: You win, they lose!

"Girls are always running through my mind. They don't dare walk."

- Andy Gibb

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