Tuesday, April 20

Mac Photo Booth!

Okay, this picture below is technically the ONLY photo I've taken of myself! I know, that's pretty pathetic. But I ain't a big fan of cameras, much less being the prime focus of them! This is the only and FINAL time, so there! I created this shot out of my Macbook Pro's Photo Booth app! It's pretty easy, really. They've a ton of cool effects which I'm far too lazy to try out. So I just used the 'Mirror' effect for this particular photo! I knew I shouldn't have leaned too far in! But where the sunnies converge look either like an apple, a heart, or someone's bottom. That stinks. I also adjusted the photo and added more effects to it! Like a more vintage exposure and all that. I can't delve deep into all that photo-editing stuff without getting a headache!

Anyway, my second day (and still counting...) of school still completely sucked. We had 3 hours of location video production in the morning. Knew absolutely no one! Sat alone during the whole time and hid in TWO loos during our break (Hey, if you hide in just one for an amount of time, people get suspicious and go knocking on your cubicle door!). We had to get into groups and I got paired up with a girl with the same last name as mine and happened to have been from my previous school too. Turns out I wasn't the oldest in the class after all! Weirdly enough, she started conversation by complimenting on my ring I got from Japan for a 100 yen!

Finally had SOMEONE to talk to when we went on our assignment! It was to use this complicated, HUGE camera on a tripod stand and do a few headshots and all that. Close-ups, give a li'l leadroom, lookroom and all. We had to do it all manually too! Had to ask our teach for A LOT of help.

Pretty interesting, all that video stuff, I gotta say! It'd have been a better day if I had a friend! Rushed home after that for some Ben & Jerry's ice-cream therapy and re-runs of iCarly!
"The media's power is frail. Without the people's support, it can be shut off with the ease of turning a light switch."
- Corazon Aquino

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