Monday, April 19

Japanese Food and Petals

Okay nothing really to blog about now, so I'll just bring up random photos I took when I opened up the packets I bought in Japan to eat! Really random, I know! But I'll go on anyway. 
ABOVE: Japanese gummy! Yummy! It's soda-flavored. 
ABOVE: Key lime cookies, made in USA itself! Got this on the flight back home on Delta Airlines! Amazingly lime-ish when you taste it at first! Looove 'em.
ABOVE: A special Easter-themed lolly (soda-flavored again!) I got in Tokyo Disneyland!
ABOVE: Close-up of the previous picture.

ABOVE: The 2 pix above are snaps of my half-eaten fortune cookie from Japan!
ABOVE: Rock sugar candy and the piece of paper that came out of the fortune cookie! It's entirely in Japanese, unfortch! I need translators!
ABOVE & BELOW: Cherry Blossom petals I picked off the ground and kept between my mirror!
ABOVE: Souvenirs for Becky! Dog-shaped cookies in the Dalmation box too!
ABOVE: Souvenirs for my tutor in Chinese! It's supposed to resemble that Japanese wooden shoes called 'Geta'!
"Love is a disease you cannot hide. One word, one look, even a silence betrays it."
- Ahbélard Pierre

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