Wednesday, April 7

Tokyo, Japan: Day Four (Tuesday)

Spent the entire day in Tokyo DisneySea with my aunt today! Pretty exhausting day, and took lots of crappy photos there with only my cellphone, since I forgot to bring a proper digi camera! That earned me a considerable deal of nagging from my aunt. Oh well. Anyway, before I post up pictures and perhaps vids of my visit to DisneySea for their Spring Carnival 2010, I'll rant and rave about Tokyo DisneySea first. Before you read the paragraph below, please take note not to take any offence at what I've written or thought about DisneySea (personally, I don't think it ain't that bad!). Go on ahead...

DisneySea feels all pretty majestic, especially the buildings and stuff. They've got tons of edifices there, such as the Aladdin's mosque thingy, a pyramid-like thing with that gross face sitting at the top of it, and a pretty cool volcano which emits smoke (and fire during the shows by the harbor). Most of the buildings took inspiration from New York, USA and Venice! It really does feel like I'm in Europe, even though I've never really visited one European nation ever, YET! The other great thing I love  about Tokyo DisneySea is the spectacular attraction shows they have, though it's pretty hard to plan around the different times! TBC...


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