Thursday, May 6

EXCLUSIVE! New Music Vid by Miley Cyrus

Well, the famous pop star most known for her first stint as Hannah Montana and some rather bad controversies like her far-from-appropriate photo shoot in Vanity Fair magazine and more ( I really can't say them all in detail here!), is back with possibly her last music album for some time, since she wants to focus on acting. Now, her new single for her album is out, titled "Can't Be Tamed", and so is it's music video! Check it out below before most people all over the world! But really, dancing 'round in a cage dressed like a rare species of sexy dancing bird? She's gone much edgier, that's for sure. Perhaps her whole new album would be as well. She's moved well beyond "Party in the USA", and that isn't even any more appropriate than this. Just sayin'! In this vid, she is Aves Cyrus, a bird that can't be caged.

Now that you've seen it, what do YOU think about this new breed of Cyrus? The smoky eyes, way OTT costumes and dancing so not age-appropriate? 'Cos the rest of her music videos in the future might probably be just like that! I might perhaps be expecting hate mail from Miley fans after I post this up.
"A man isn't poor if he can still laugh." 
- Raymond Hitchcock

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