Friday, May 7


I came across this Boredom Button when searching for free widgets to add to my Mac OS X Dashboard! It works like this: Bored, then click on this emoticon:
 It then pops up a random website! So I happened across this pretty cool site when I clicked on the button! This is the URL:!
Here are just two of the best (and lamest) comments on Facebook(too lazy to find more)!

ABOVE: Apologies, it's so small... Double-click to view it full-size!

Anyways, turned up early in school today to start the group video shoot on a Vending Machine - sorta like a mini movie. I winded up being a "script supervisor" and the one who provided that coin. We finished the whole thing in 2 hours - with just too much sun in the works and me doing practically nothing but going all "Scene 5 Take 1" and such. The end product was pretty cool though. There was some good, mean acting and teleporting!
Went up to the Attic with some spare time before Graphic Communication class with a girl from my group (the rest left) and found Rose sitting near where we were! Spotted her on my bus later on as well. Thank God GraphComm ended early. I still DON'T GET Adobe Illustrator though!

"Mama always said life was like a box a chocolates, never know what you're gonna get."
- Forrest Gump


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