Monday, May 3

LOATHE Badminton now...

Great,  I never used to HATE badminton! But taking professional classes on them seem to make things a whole lot worse than it really is. For example, we played the sport for a whole hour and a half without much of a time to cool down (save for the short water break we had). 

The coach singled me and my partner out to each hit the shuttlecock up and down with our rackets when he saw we weren't doing that well. (Hey, this was only the SECOND lesson!!) I could go on... 

I arrived at the hall while he was taking attendance with a girl from my previous class, and I was just putting my bag down and I didn't exactly hear my name being called on roll. I was deemed LATE. Damn it. The other girl's name was called out a little later so she had time to declare her presence. The coach said I was late twice in a row at the end of the lesson. Ughhh! If I keep being "LATE", I probably would have to retake the whole course module again. One lesson is already TORTURE to me! 
"I destroy my enemy when I make him my friend." - Abraham Lincoln

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