Saturday, May 29

Ninja Bear and Record Deals

All right, brace yourself for footage of a Japanese bear that has MAD SKILLS for kungfu! Too bad it wasn't a panda - but I'm cool either way ;D Still, a bear is already so intimidating on its own. But one that knows KUNGFU as well and can whup your butt in a second? Not a good idea to stand close to it! Anyway, it was pretty long ago - this video. It only went viral after one of the Jonas brothers posted it on Twitter or something. Probably Joe? The first one is an unedited one, so it goes on longer. And has more Japanese bystanders cooing in the background as well. The next one has a cool kungfu songs that fits the footage so well! Hell awesome. Enjoy!

Anyway, just a DAY after the American Idol has been crowned (Lee DeWyze!), both him AND the runner-up, Crystal Bowersox has already signed their record deals - two companies each! Here's the lowdown:

Billboard reports that Lee has signed to 19 Recordings Limited and RCA Records, while Crystal's contract is with 19 Recordings Limited and Jive Records. No word yet on when the albums will be released, but, if it's anything like years past, look for a fourth-quarter release, most likely in November. That's fast!
Still, it'd be a dream come true if you are a paint salesman (Lee) and a single mom (Crystal)! They're on the road to being celebrities! 

"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships." 
- Anthony Robbins


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