Sunday, May 9

Sick O' Pizza! PLUS Miranda Cosgrove GIF!

Oh. My. God. I finally got through today without actually being scolded or stopped while halfway through my 'Space' exam piece! I wasn't too confident about the middle part. Thank goodness, or else my teacher might have asked me to change pieces then. Now all I gotta focus on is memorizing my arpeggios and increasing the tempos and changing dynamics and stuff! Then, hopefully I wouldn't get just a PASS for this exam.
Anyways, was walking around in my Uggs and the bottom soles split at the front!! Damn are they lousy! 3,120 yen wasn't cheap at all! I went to meet my mother and brother at an optician's and had Pizza Hut for dinner! I ordered a cool chocolat dessert with mint leaves and oreo bits! The Berri Sparkle cooler drink was awesome too. But I'm SOOO SICK of eating pizza almost every month! My mother ordered home an extra pan of pizza for us to eat the next day. Ugh.

Wonder what the thing above of Miranda Cosgrove is? I created this GIF myself from here! This site uses  ANY youtube videos where you can then select the start and end time for your GIF file (animated, that is). I used Miranda's music video 'Kissin' U' for my first attempt. It ended up hilarious enough! Check my previous post in early May or so for the full music video! Love it!

"Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst."
 - English Proverbs

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