Wednesday, June 23

Day of the Random Pictures 2

I'm seriously running out of stuff to blog about! So it's the random pictures again! Note: I can't get enough of cute kittens! 
Kitty under the drawer
How cute is this? A bunny-wunny and a kitty mingling!
Can't see this kitten's face. Furball cuteness!
BEST Harry Potter joke ever! Lord Voldy looks shocked to death!
A church sign. Clearly, they don't like Harry Potter very much.
A still from Toy Story 3! Turns out Andy has a TUMBLR account?!!
This just sorta creeped me out a little.
After so long, I've finally learnt how to create a nav/menu bar for my blog! The font seems too small though!

"A man's only as old as the woman he feels." 
- Groucho Marx

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