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MTV Movie Awards 2010 Review

It was an awesome awards show tonight! Too bad I missed the first hour of it. Anyway, here's my own review of the MTV MAs! It was held at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studio in Universal City, CA!

Anyways, first up! (I'm not reviewing all the awards!) Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart take home the popcorn award for 'Best Kiss' in the Twilight saga: New Moon! They get awfully close on stage, but then, Kristen pushed Rob away! Aww. Snapshots below of the pretty pair! Taylor Lautner appeared later on with both of them to promote the new Twilight saga: Eclipse clip!

BELOW: The clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards! It's sooo awesome!
Below are some red-carpet photos pre-show! Lovin' Kristen Stewart in this one! I suppose she put on hair extensions for the MTV MAs! PLUS she shouldn't go back to that black hair cut! She looks just greasy like Prof. Snape in the Harry Potter movies.

ABOVE: Kristen making her way down the red carpet.
ABOVE: Hollywood's longest couple around sat next to each other at the show! Both presented awards separately. Vanessa Hudgens presented with Jessica Alba, where Robert Pattinson won with two popcorn awards! 
ABOVE: Katy Perry spotted with blue hair, like in the Nickelodeon's KCAs 2010! She sat next to beau Russell Brand and were extremely cosy for the duration of the MTV MAs!
ABOVE: Anna Kendrick takes home the popcorn award as 'Best Breakout Star' as an overachieving young professional in the movie Up in the Air starring George Clooney! Love her ruffled dress!
Also, Sandra Bullock, who won the MTV Generation Award, kissed Scarlett Johansson after her acceptance speech. I was speechless when I saw that 'cos for one, that's just plain gross and two,  they probably planned it beforehand, which makes it all the more YUCK.

This is so weird,” Sandra said during her acceptance speech. “Scarlett, why are you here?”
Scarlett replied, “I’m here because [my husband Ryan Reynolds] couldn’t be here and I wanted to be here when you accepted your award for Best Kiss.”
Said Sandra, “We didn’t win that.”
Scarlett said, “I thought if you did win, it would be really sweet and soft…” Cue the lip lock! Ughh.

I'm just gonna put up the photos anyway - watch the full video here

Oh, and I'm so ecstatic Tom Felton got to go on the stage and receive the popcorn award for the 'Best Villain' title for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Always been a big fan of his work! This just in! His girlfriend, Jade Olivia will be playing the role of his wife, Astoria for the future in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!
ABOVE: Tom Felton!
ABOVE: Jade as Astoria
And finally, the last award that was presented was of course, the 'Best Movie Award'! Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise presented it together! And it's no big surprise the Twilight saga: New Moon won the award hands-down!

Aziz Ansari, the host ended the awards show saying 'hey, twilight saga won everything!' I forgot the rest of what he said though. Still, best host ever!

Anyway, below are all the short clips of the winners for each category! Congratulations to all of 'em! If they don't work, click here to view them instead!
For Best Kiss...
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
For Best Fight...
Beyoncé Knowles vs. Ali Larter
For Best Villain...
Tom Felton
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
For Best WTF moment:
Ken Jeong
The Hangover
For Biggest Badass Star...
Ninja Assassin
For Best Scared-AS-S**T Performance...
Amanda Seyfried
Jennifer's Body
For Best Breakout Star...
Anna Kendrick
Up in the Air
For Best Female Performance...
Kristen Stewart
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
For Best Male Performance...
Robert Pattinson
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
For Best Comedic Performance:
Zach Galifianakis
The Hangover
For Global Superstar...
Robert Pattinson

For Best Movie...
The Twilight saga: New Moon

All photos, videos and info credits to: Getty, Just Jared Jr., MTVFeltBeats

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