Thursday, July 8

Day of Flash and the Baby Lizard

Nothing much particularly special or interesting in this post! Just the same ol' same ol'. I've 10 BLOG POSTS on my trip to Tokyo to catch up on - and I've lost so many photos thanks to my stupid phone that I don't even feel like blogging about that anymore. It's depressing relieving your travels filled with fun and laughter and food, when you are already having a bad time in your own country... 

Anyways, learnt Adobe Flash today! It was pretty hard, I gotta admit... But really cool, once you know what you're doing - same goes for anything in life. Flash supposedly allows you to well, create interactive stuff and animation of course. For websites, mostly. We learnt how to animate a Pacman (which I failed miserably at and couldn't catch on at all), amongst other things. Hopefully we won't have a graded tutorial for this software. 

Then, when I got home and started to pull down the blinds of my work study - (okay, I admit, I don't have my own room! Ughh!) and there IT was. The shadow of a baby lizard. Its tail was wiggling. Its head was moving. Too gross. I pulled the blinds back up. No idea if it died that way, 'cos I saw a carcass. The next minute I turned and looked back up, it was gone!! *shivers* 
“A man who won't die for something is not fit to live. “ 
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

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