Thursday, July 15

In the Spirit of Potter...

I just created a new label - 'harry potter', seeing as how I've been posting up lots of funny Potter, Lord Voldemort, and Snape humor. Had been labeling those under 'movies' all along. I'll re-track when I've got the time! So here goes - more Harry Potter jokes using scenes from the previous SIX movies! All were taken from Tumblr - so credits to the creators! I'm gonna start things off with a shark, somewhat not at all relevant to the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter (I know that's the name of the new Potter theme park -.-).

Look how much the Potter trio have changed since the first movie!

In case you've got problems reading the first two...
Albus Dumbledore: Severus... please...
Snape: Avada Kedavra! (LOL)

Wow. Edward Cullen, that's really useful.

Look closely AGAIN. Now, find anything REALLY different?
Lord Voldy justifies his non-existent nose.

“Gray skies are just clouds passing over. “ 
- Frank Gifford

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