Sunday, July 25

Shooting: Day Three!

Hurrah! We're finally left with one, final day of shooting for our film! Today's was still pretty exhausting though, even though it only lasted a few hours. It was just HELL for me - but I'll get on to that later... Anyways, we had planned our filming to be done at this snug, little cafe in a supermarket. Turns out, one of my teammates got the address mixed up. The location was supposed to be waaaay in the east (we came to the west first). Golly. And lemme tell ya - the filming equipment is TOO HEAVY. No joke.

Thank goodness - the manager of that same cafe (who happens to be related to that mate) offered to drive us to the other cafe. we got two cars to go in. She owned that cafe too. But this particular one was waaay more homelier and had all sorts of little knick-knacks on display and they even held cute, li'l portable TVs and had tons of old records and even a turntable and all. Too cool!

Their menu looked too appealing too. There was clam chowder, pasta, many-flavored ice-cream like lemon sorbet (I tried this one at 3 bucks. Magnifique.) and pecan butterscotch and cherry brandy and stuff. Just wished I could try 'em all!

We waited pretty long for the main actress to arrive, but we got done quite fast. Thankfully. It was only just a single scene, after all! In this one, it was just 3 characters sitting 'round a table talking about father-in-law woes and stuff like that. Bah.

They decided for me to carry home the lighting kit, AGAIN. God. This kit is probably the HEAVIEST thing I ever saw, or touched. nO KIDDING... So in the end, I had to lug it (including placing it on the floor to rest my aching fingers several times) all the way to the closest bus stand (which wasn't close at all). All while holding my lemon sorbet cup in one hand too! Of course, it all melted like how I felt my fingers were too, trying to keep a steady arm on the darned kit.

After I'd reached the bus stand, I realized it's impossible for moi to take a bus. I was reaching my limits with the lighting kit. So I tried flagging for a taxi. No such luck. When I'd decided to take one, a man appeared a little further in front of me. Guess what? He was waiting for a taxi too. Great. Plus all the taxis that went past were mostly hired, or just ignored us when we raised our hands to flag it down. Perhaps I should try that universal sign for hitchhiking in the future when I come really desperate. I waited nearly HALF AN HOUR, for God's sake. All right, looking at what I'd just crapped about for the past five minutes, this has GOT to be the longest rant I've ever blogged since, like, forever.


When I finally hailed that taxi, he went driving (probably)purposely slow and took longer routes when I proposed shorter ones. uGH!! So of course, the fare came up really high, 20 bucks. Damn it. I was worrying I wouldn't have enough to pay him too. I was left with just TWO bucks afterwards...

All righty, I'm finally done. Gosh I needa take a breather. This ain't doing good with my anger management. I won't add a quote today. I'm too fired up to look for one.

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