Sunday, August 22

RIP Pudding

I can't think of a better way to relieve the stress and depression I'm in now, so I'll just blog about this I guess. The cremation guys are probably on their way over, thank goodness I wouldn't have to watch Pudding, my hamster get cremated. I'd just bawl right on the spot. It cost 60 bucks for transportation and cremation, so it's all worth it I suppose. I hope they aren't gonna throw Pudding's carcass into a bin or something seeing she's not very huge and wasn't worth cremating - so I hope they do their job. They even allow us to keep the ashes in a special box, but that's gonna cost another hundred and twenty bucks. Wait a minute why am I talking about money now? Backtracking a little...

I woke up with my brother calling me to check on my hamsters. He said Pudding had cried out really loudly. When I checked the cage, I looked at Mochi first. I thought, "Phew. She's fine." And then I looked at Pudding. The waterworks were about to come, but I maintained my composure first. Pudding's eyes seemed to be popping out, she was just lying in a corner, her mouth opening and closing, and she seemed to be heaving, as if struggling for air. I knew her time was up. Anyway, since she still appeared to be moving a little (she was extremely stiff and a little cold, no body heat - that's the sign of a dying hamster), I quickly brought her to a vet for her to be euthanized. I was even praying for some hope of salvation for Pudding. No such luck. She died on the way to the vet's. The woman had a vet check if Pudding was still alive. There was no heartbeat. Their cremation services was really exy too, like $74.90. I went home dejected and extremely heartbroken.

So my mother's called for cremation and they're gonna pick Pudding up and send her for cremation. I hope she is resting in peace and has gone to heaven now. My mother's even prayed for Pudding. She was a beautiful and really lively winter white hamster, and she died really suddenly. Even Mochi (my other hamster) is upset too. I hope she lives through this. Hopefully she hadn't been the cause of Pudding's death...

Here's a little note to my beloved first hamster:
I love you from the bottom of my heart, Pudding. I won't ever forget you, and you'd always have that special place in my heart. I'm so sorry I didn't check on you just hours earlier and I didn't get that last chance to play and bond with you, Pudding. Please watch over Mochi in heaven too. I'll try my best to get your ashes so I can give you a funeral. But if I can't... I'm sorry and I love you, Pudding.

(Oh, no. The cremation people just arrived. Goodbye, Pudding.)


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