Monday, August 23


It's been a day since Pudding died. I still find it hard to believe my first ever,  real pet died after just two years and twenty days (yep, that's the exact number of days since I got her and Mochi...). So obviously, I'm gonna find it equally hard to get over the sudden death of Pudding. I mean she appeared totally FINE just the day before. Her eyes didn't pop out, and she was just as lively as any other day. But the next day... she just went lifeless and died just an hour later. 

I wish I knew why she suddenly passed away like that, but I'm hoping it was just old age... Still, that doesn't explain why her eyes popped out like that. It was really scary. I know this might sound really sadistic - but I snapped a picture of Pudding's dead body in her box after I came home from the vet's - just for the sake of a last picture of her. Still, it was a really scary picture of her, all cold and stiff with her eyes open, so no way am I posting it up here. I can't imagine the torment I'd have to go through again when time's up for Mochi. Still, I'm grateful I listened to Bec and didn't decide to put Mochi through euthanasia the other time, or I'd have lost both my hamsters now. 

Anyways, I hope I'll feel better and get through and cope with Pudding's death soon enough. The people on my Tumblr have been really supportive, sending well-wishes my way about my loss and sharing their own stories about their deceased hamsters, so I'm really appreciative of them. Thanks!

I'll be thinking of Pudding each and every second of my life. We never did get to play together one last time... Pudding used to love crawling from my hand to the other hand. I'm gonna miss her so, so much, and I know I'll cry and pine for her as I go to sleep each night. Okay, I'm getting too sentimental here, and I feel like crying all over again when I think of Pudding being placed in a dog carrier by the cremation guy yesterday (we placed her surrounding cotton so she'd have a peaceful and comfy journey to heaven). She's probably become ashes now and buried somewhere, but I sincerely hope she's resting in peace and reunited with her hammie family in hammie heaven. I love you so much, Pudding.

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy." 
- John Mason

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