Tuesday, March 8

The Adjustment Bureau Review... and CATS!

All right, so. I kinda feel too lazy to do a full-fledged movie review now, so it's gonna be a quick one. Went to watch The Adjustment Bureau with Elaine then had dinner at a small Japanese store that sells sushi and kinda-authentic udon and soba and stuff. I kinda miss eating at that small noodle shop and ordering up a bowl of piping hot udon back in Japan! It was the best ever, even if I had to stand while eating! They served the craziest noods!

Anyway, we didn't wind up sitting a seat away from one another since we were taking the back row and it'd be weird. It was a pretty good 105 minute flick. It's a mix of romance, thriller (def scary when the guy in the hat made a car crash into another) and a li'l bit of the fantasy (in real life, you can never get a special kind of fedora hat that lets you turn doorknobs clockwise and you go through the doorway into somewhere completely different!). Matt Damon was actually pretty good (I first thought it was Chris Pine when I saw the trailer - I know, huge joke right?). And I loved Emily Blunt in it! 

So to summarize this movie into a single sentence, here goes: Senator meets girl in bathroom, meets guys with special powers in hats, hat guys forbids him from seeing the girl, he sees the girl again three years later by chance, hat guys come after him again, he struggles, tells the girl about them, they run from the hat guys, winds up on some roof, kissed, chairman of the hat guys gives up the plan for them. 

Okay, so that was super long, but hey - it's still one sentence! Anyway, I'd rate it ★★★★✩
And now... cats!
Creepy. This looks demonic, even.
Cat and squirrel can be buddies!
So can chicks.
And ducks!
Beware the catnapper!

Kitty in the bowl!

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