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Lexi & Maxi Luca Finale

Brace yourself for over 80 photos of Sims 3! This is the last part to my five-part thingy about the Barbie-looking mother and Glee Cheerio-looking daughter! I hope you liked the photos I've taken in the recent posts, and I'm probably gonna stop taking screenshots, not ever again. It's pretty annoying, and a ton of work anyway (okay, I might prubs do another segment when I get the new Sims Medieval game!). The majority of these photos is taken in Champs Les Sims, France, where Lexi Luca vacayed to alone for her school assignment! Anyway, I'm gonna include all the credits below for the Sims 3 custom content (and download links) I'd used for this particularly segment, say the house, the clothes, make-up and stuff! View previous posts for credits too from the other segments! Enjoy!
Matthew Luca goes through a whole new make-over and switches his drab wardrobe for something a li'l more... hip? But nobody ever uses that word now...

I'm kinda creeped out by this face on the contrary...
Matthew's formal wear, with a tinge of Japanese cosplay flavor to it.
Barbie (formerly Maxi!) changes to Harajuku-inspired street wear too! Goshers, I love this lolita dress.

Matthew and Maxi's wear: 
Credits to Sims 3 Store for the Street Couture set and More Awesome Than You for the download!
Lexi switches to an all-new hairstyle too!

Lexi's portrait of Barbie Luca1 You can't really see it 'cos it was in the night when she took that portrait.
The mother and daughter striking the same pose, albeit with different expressions.

Lexi strikes a chord and plays for tips in the nearby park. A true rock star in the making!

She reminds me so much of the Barbie from the Barbie Diaries movie! After all, I'd first created her as a twin to Barbie Luca, then shrunk her down to a teen!

Chilling in the steamin' hot tub.
I'd accidentally caused Matthew to collapse of sheer hunger when I was tweaking with their needs using the cheats. Damn. 

Matthew disappears in gleaming light.
The Grim Reaper arrives and lays claim to Matthew's soul, and produces an epitaph for his loved ones to remember him by.
And he reappears as a ghost (purple too! Sims that die from hunger appear purple, apparently!).

Matthew and the Grim Reaper exchange handshakes. I've no clue why. 
I tried making Barbie challenge the Reaper to a game of chess for Matthew to return to life. No such luck. The Reaper simply played a game on the computer and disappeared without even sitting down at the chess table! I had to quit the game without saving and lost all my previous game memory. *Sigh*
Matthew returns!
Lexi makes a call for a trip down to Champs Les Sims, France for her first vacation!

Lexi arrives in France! Ooh la la!
A shop window in France.
Lexi meets a local in the bookshop and is so ready to mingle!
Gustave Delven teaches Lexi French songs, like Jet'aime!
Lexi picks up the language of love pretty quick.
Lexi gives Gustave a parting hug.
The French paparazzi are just as active as the ones back in Bridgeport. They appear in a few more instances below.
I love the buildings in Champs Les Sims!

Lexi enjoying a piping hot plate of Ratatouille at a French cafe!

Lexi on her brand-new Vespa (but they call it a Kenspa in Sims!) bought in a general store in France.
When night fell, Lexi had to visit the French graveyard of course! The foreboding mausoleum stands behind her in this tourist shot.
Lexi plucks her courage and explores the catacombs in the mausoleum.
As Lexi swings across ropes to get a gnome and comes across zombie bears in the catacombs, the French paps start showing up, waiting for Lexi to come out (alive hopefully).

One pap got sick waiting, and left.
The other pap remained in time to see Lexi emerge from the mausoleum in a state worse than, well, hell. It looked like she received an electric shock in the catacombs. Or something.
Lexi runs back to the base camp to prevent from being seen and to freshen up from her drastic, burnt state.
Lexi brushes her teeth in the cafe's toilet after getting her dinner of crepes.

She tucks into bed at base camp, along with other tourists from elsewhere.

Lexi visits The Forgotten Burial Mound for an adventure mission, trying to retrieve some guy's lost item (it turned out to be a baseball bat, buried deep within a tomb a few feet underground). She excavates around the site looking for clues. All she found was some pretty valuable relics and other worthless stones that surprisingly still was worth a few Simoleons.

When Lexi couldn't find anything above ground that was useful, she tried the stairs leading to an underground tomb.
It's now or never...
She tries to clear the rubble blocking the entryway with a pickaxe.
Somehow, another pap appeared here, even taking notes, God knows why.

Making good process with that determination!
Once the rubble was cleared, Lexi tried searching for a hidden door.

She found the trigger!
Lexi steps through the doorway. and steps on some designated square that allowed you to enter another room, and deeper into the tomb, and nearer to the treasure!

Lexi locks a heart keyhole into place to unlock a door.

Pulling the obvs heavy gargoyle statue onto the plot of ground to unlock another annoying door.
She searches in a hole for some treasure.
Climbing down another set of stairs.
Lexi steps out of the tent in the tomb after a night's rest.

She managed to reach the treasure!

Another mission sent her to the nectary, where she tried to make her own nectar! She squishes the cherimola blan grapes in the wooden tub..

And she slips.
She powers up the machine to begin processing the nectar!

It's a long wait.
She serves up some nectar she bought at the nectary.
A fan of Lexi's at the nectary.
I can imagine a 'Dancing with Myself' track with this.
And I end with Lexi jamming on the guitar with the keyboard in the park!

Lexi and Maxi's blush: Lemonleaf
Lexi, Maxi, Matthew's lips: Tifa
Lexi, Maxi, Matthew's eyes: Juzhitu
Lexi's hair: Newsea ($)
Lexi's bedtime hair: Peggy
Lexi's swimsuit hair: Newsea ($)
Maxi's hair: Newsea ($)
Maxi's tiara: Peggy
Maxi's bag: Lorandia
Lexi and Maxi's charm bracelet: Peggy
Maxi's formal dress: CarrieSims
Maxi's Gucci tights: ancsie18 @ TSR
Maxi's boots: CarrieSims
Lexi's Cheerio top: ancsie18 @ TSR
Lexi's Cheerio bottom: ancsie 18 @ TSR
Lexi's bedtime Uggs: aniaorazova @ TSR
The Cherry Trees of Memory house: M'house
Dinner plate replacement: OBP

A huge THANKS to these creators! Couldn't have done it without Custom Content! ;)

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