Sunday, March 6

Lexi & Maxi Luca Part IV

The next blog post would be the final part to the Lexi and Maxi Luca quintet posts! There isn't much in this one so there! 
The limo pulls up to the Luca house.

Turns out it's for Matthew who works as a Supporting Actor! Rad.
Matthew admiring his new wedding ring.
... And he shows it off for you too.
Maxi (I mean Barbie - I changed her name to that in City Hall since she reminded me so much of Barbie) admiring her ring too.
Lexi and Barbie bond in their formal wear. I love how their dresses look in the night.
Barbie and Matthew (I'm thinking of changing his name to Ken!)
And they get into a tiff all of a sudden!
I love Barbie's expression in this one.

To view more credits missing here, click here and scroll to the bottom!

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