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Lexi & Maxi Luca Part III

Before I resume my screenshots of Lexi and Maxi Luca from Sims 3, I've included the new single artwork Selena Gomez would be releasing in early March, together with an all-new music video for that single, so I def cannot wait!!! Check out the 9-second preview of the music vid below! I have to say, I wish she looked a li'l different in that music vid from the one in her "A Year Without Rain" video though...

Okay, here goes. You might be getting tired of all these Sims 3 photos, but I'm sure not! It kinda makes up for my lack of inspiration for blog posts. Anyway, it comes in a total of five parts (this is part three in case you didn't notice the title!), so you won't have long to wait.

Lexi Luca switches her hairdo to a curly shoulder-length cut. I'd like to think it channels a li'l Taylor Swift!

Trying to create a spooky Japanese ghost feel to this shot! That's Maxi Luca BTW.
Lexi was unfortch caught out after curfew by the police. This curfew thing in Sims 3 is srsly annoying the hell out of me. I might have to get a mod hack soon to get rid of this curfew.
The po-po drops Lexi off by the roadside of her house.
Lexi and her new bestie, Jeff Atkins on the lift to the Banzai Lounge. Both of 'em look depressed, for some reason.
Lexi hangs by the swings. 

She climbs up to a playground hut thingy (I was just making her do these inane stuff so I could get more interesting screenshots).

Lexi and Maxi kick-starts the wedding party of Maxi and Matthew on the dance floor.

... And the wedding commences between Maxi Luca and Matthew Hammings (a.k.a Barbie and Ken? Maxi suddenly reminded me a lot of Barbie from the Barbie movies)!
The exchange of rings. I kinda wish there was an arch like there was in Sims 2 for them to get married under. 

Their vows are said, the exchange of rings completed. Matthew Hammings is now Matthew Luca!

Lexi whips out her guitar for the party guests.

The newly-weds get into party mode.

Maxi: Where's the party food and beverages?
Lexi and Jeff get onto the dance floor too and wowed the crowd with a few moves.
Lexi launches the firework starter (or whatever that's called). She ran as far as she could when it was about to blow though.
Check out the fireworks above Bridgeport!

After the party, Lexi returned to her painting. 

Lexi's new hair: Anubis360 @ MTS
To view more credits that might have been missing here, click here and scroll to the bottom!

Now that's done! Anyway, I tried this cool website which allowed you to paste any text you'd ever written in a li'l box. Then, it analyzes your paragraphs, stories, or whatever texts and determines which famous author you actually write like! Mine happened to be:

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