Friday, March 4

Lexi & Maxi Luca Part II

I guess I'm gonna do a couple more posts like these of my new TS3 characters, Lexi and Maxi Luca! At least, till I've run out of scenes to screen-shoot them in. So I've got a couple more for today's gameplay! Forgive my listlessness. I've had little sleep, tons of food (mozzarella cheese sticks, yum!) and sat in front of the TV many hours watching AI Season 10 like a couch potato. Anyway, I'm pretty proud of these shots I took. Brace yourself for an awful Sims story coming up!
I found out there was an ancient-type bucket in the bathroom that was actually a sink! Too cool. Maxi's washing the dishes in this one.
 Lexi picks up her completed painting to get a closer look.
 ...And she starts afresh with a new canvas.
 Yep, it turned out to be a pink, furry monster.
 Maxi is out in town, spots an A-lister (or 5-starred celebrity as Sims 3 has it) and asks for his autograph.
 Of course, I had to let her get to know him better. Thanks to all the cheats (yes, I admit I use cheat codes and hacks on a regular basis, especially to get more money or improve relationships with different Sims), Maxi had a new (and famous) boyfriend by the end of the night. 
P.S.: I forgot to change her out of her kimono when she left the house. My bad. 
 ...And the very next day! Maxi proposes.
 I know that was fast (maybe too fast), but hey, I prefer fast-paced games.
 Now, Maxi & Matthew are engaged to be married. She found out he has commitment issues though.
 Maxi visits the Banzai Lounge for the first time. Did I mention I really love that dress she's wearing?
 She was already a 5-star celebrity by then, but I made her ask the bouncer in the corner if she could enter anyway.
 The mixologist at work.

 Some random guy came up to the counter and glanced at Maxi. Sternly, if you look closely.
 Maxi gets some reading done back home.
 Meanwhile, Lexi is out at the park hanging out on a playground slide.

 She went back in the morning (a police appears after 11PM looking for teens who are still out after curfew to catch them red-handed) and began practising her guitar chops.
 Then she played for tips. Random weirdos dancing along to her music in the sidelines.
 One random weirdo gave her a tip at the end.
 Maxi leaves the house for work. Her first day as a Traffic Cop!

 She shows up at the random weirdo's party later in the evening. The latter asks for her autograph.
 Maxi getting her picture taken by a fan.
And to end off this slew of screenshots, Odine Perry falling from the lift while trying to exit.

I also uploaded my 3rd video on YouTube today!! It actually managed to process successfully, and wasn't blocked anywhere. *Phew* Check it out below. It was from my visit to some Animal World at the resort type I went to for the road trip vacay few months ago!


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