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Goodnessy me. I've been away from the blogging scene since January 2, and now, exactly two months later, I'm all rejuvenated for more daily blogging (especially since it's now vacay for me, or at least, till mid April anyway)! But for now, skipping this hellhole-ish talk! Not really sure if I'm gonna continue with this daily posting again, since it'll be hard work. Either I could just change the blog banner (and make it a flash banner sort!) and blog less often, or I could resume this unnecessary daily torture (I kid, I'm all about exaggerations). After all, I really do miss writing. I haven't done any writing of any sorts lately, not after that Social Psychology test I was practically cramming for (one of the reasons I stopped blogging). And I used to do LOTS of writing! On paper, of course. I used to write tons of stories that I scrapped (but still keep in a secret folder - my cupboard, really) after a few pages or chapters. I could go on (and on) about them, but I'll leave that for another post.

Anywho (okay I just looked this up on Urban Dictionary, and it really is just "an extremely annoying misuse of the word 'anyhow'. Generally used by people who think they're being clever." - so I'll stop using this if I can help it), I'm gonna proceed with this post. It's starting to feel an awful lot draggy. 

So I'm gonna start recommending apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad every now and then! They're all pretty much the same really, just that the iPad has access to almost all apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but the latter do not support iPad-only apps (obvs!). Here's one for today, and it's called Diary of a Cat! It supports iPhones, iPod Touch(es?), and iPads! 
It simply gives you a daily paragraph from the secret diary of your typical household cat to read. Just that this ain't your run-of-the-mill cat! This bad a** kitty has a vengeance on its human owners! Think your cute li'l kitty cat is simply too adorable to resist? With this daily diary, it'll make you think twice or suspect the real nature of your own cat! Here are some excerpts from the 'Diary of a Cat'... Click on the pictures for whichever you wish to get a closer read of! 

Got a good (hearty?) laugh from those excerpts? Then simply get the app for yourself (provided you have any one of the three Apple devices that this app supports)! The best part? It's absolutely FREE!!! Ready to enter a whole new world of cat-hating-humans? Then hit up iTunes here to download!

On to the next segment of this possibly long-winded post! I've recently (okay few weeks back, actually) gotten up to a 100 followers on my Tumblr account! Love hamsters, or just want to get your fill of too adorbs rodents? Then check out my Tumblr, StalkingHamstersIt's up to 105 followers now, but hey, who's counting? Here's the good, ol' fashioned proof!

Complete change of subject...! Blogger has started acting all funny on me when I use Opera now. Safari and Firefox doesn't exactly cut it for me either, so I'm gonna start using Google Chrome to blog from now on, even though I rarely use this web browser! Opera's always gonna be my favorite though!

Anyway, I've been back to playing Sims 3! It's totally more fun now, since I found out you get to download (FREE!) custom content (CC, I'll just refer that as this abbrev. in the future) from tons of sites. It's been kinda down for me lately though, since I messed up a saved file of one of my vampiric characters (they have vampires in the Late Night EP - Expansion Pack!) and I can't play that anymore, or any of the other two characters I spent loads of time on previously in that same file. One of them was Selena Gomez. Bummer. She looked like this:

On a completely different and irrelevant note, I still can't believe Selena's going out with Justin Bieber now. Nothing against him or their age difference (Selena's two years old than the Biebs, in case you live under a rock!), but I'm thinking she could do better. Still, I guess I support this new pairing in a way, seeing as I'm a big fan of Gomez! I mean, if Justin Bieber had a concert and Selena came along, I'd definitely spend loads to see that concert. But just for Selena! I do listen to his songs from time to time though, so.

Anyway, I created two new characters on Sims 3 to get over this minor setback. I went through countless hours trying to find ways to recover my previously trashed sim files. Just my luck, I left my Mac turned on to finish the scanning, and when it shut down since I was too paranoid to leave it charged through the night, the scan totally closed on me. Ughhh. Here are some screenshots of my two new characters, Lexi and Maxi Luca! Maxi's the cool kimono-donning parent, and Lexi is the teenage William McKinley High cheerleader! I know that's the school the Glee kids are in, but wait till you look at the outfits. Almost exact replicas!!! I used tons of custom content on these two sims, clothes, make-up, hairstyles... I also downloaded the entire Japanese-styled house they are currently residing in. So thanks to all the creators! I'll post the credits below! Again, you may enlarge any of these to get a clearer look!

Lexi in her Cheerios uniform!
Maxi Luca. I really love her hair.

Lexi in the 1960 Chevy Corvette. 
Maxi in an electric car o_O

Maxi in a kimono, preparing Mac n' Cheese for dinner!
Meanwhile, Lexi paints... something.
Somehow, Maxi's Mac n' Cheese burst in flames. The duo tries to extinguish the fire.
And yep, they did it without bursting into flames themselves.
Somehow, pretty happy with themselves...
The firefighter arrives a few minutes after the fire has been put out. He leaves them with some pretty sucky advice about cooking better and avoiding fires.

Mother and daughter out for a spin in the night.
Lexi goes to school for the first day.
She's the only passenger on the school bus... Weird.
Meanwhile, Maxi stays home playing chess on the iMac.
Then, she gets herself a real chess table and got crackin'.
Lexi doing some homework the minute she got home from school.
Lexi and Maxi about to crash a party in an apartment building. They're in the lift here, in their formal dresses! Sooo pretty!
Lexi's outfit is too similar to what the Glee girls wore during the Regionals, the Betsey Johnson Evening Goldie Strapless Dress! Couldn't exactly get the hair, bummer. There should still be some resemblance, come awn!

Lexi meets a celebrity after the party and gets his autograph!

Maxi's dress: Sims 3 Store ($)
Maxi's kimono: IreneGouret @ TSR
Maxi's boots: Lorandia
Lexi's hair: Newsea ($)
Lexi's formal hair: Newsea ($)
Lexi's formal dress: ancsie18 @ TSR
To view more credits that might have been missing here, click here and scroll to the bottom!

My new Sims are staying in this Japanese-styled home, called 'The Cherry Trees of Memory'! The creator, M'House makes tons of ah-mazing houses for the Sims 3, with lots of clutter and great furniture and structure. But there's lots of CC to add in your files if you wish to get the desired house as created! Check out M'House's site here! It's an Asian site, so there's practically no English, save for the download links for the houses. And here are some pictures I've taken from the original creator of this particular house!
The pond in the day.
The pond at night!
 The hot tub in the backyard.
 The Japanese-looking corridor.
 The Japanese bath room.
 The sitting area in the bedroom. 
 Your typical Japanese kitchen.
 The living room. I love the white seats!
 Some Japanese decor in the house.
And this is how the house looks in the night! Pretty!

Also, I finally managed to revive my YouTube account (not that it was ever really active anyway)! I got my first subscriber, and my first video thumbs-up! Kinda the best progress that could ever happen to me, probably. I've only got two videos up currently, but one is blocked in all countries. I hate this YouTube copyright thingy. But here's the one that ain't blocked! It's Ariana Grande's cover of Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' and Madonna's 'Express Yourself'! I love her voice!

Watching a re-run of the Academy Awards now. Can't get enough of the intro! Anne Hathaway and James Franco were in an Inception dream with them interrupting scenes in all the nominated movies like Black Swan, True Grit, Inception, The King's Speech! 

Anyway, headed to Vivo with Bec today! Tried the tater tots at Fromage before we went to Vivo (the French term equivalent to cheese!) and it was just heavenly with mozzarella cheese! Yummers. Plus they sell the best mozzarella cheese sticks! The store sign:
We looked at all the usual haunts in Vivo, then went to check out which movies were screening! The theatres here had the best ambience, the best seats. We went with 'The King's Speech' instead of 'Never Let Me Go'. Then, we sneaked in Long John Silver's into the cinema, since we couldn't find any other nice food places. There wasn't KFC there :x Kinda spilled both our drinks in my bag while trying to carry them safely into the theatre though.

Anyway, the movie was 118 minutes long, and they showed trailers for 'Sucker Punch' and 'Red Riding Hood', so that was okay! It felt pretty long-winded in some parts for me, but really funny in others. I realized that 3 of the main characters were from Harry Potter as well! Michael Gambon (Albus Dumbledore) plays the dying King George V who would later be succeeded by his son, David, and then, Prince Albert, the Duke of York, or rather, aptly named Bertie (Colin Firth) himself as the stuttering King George VI. Next, there's Timothy Spall (Peter Pettigrew) as Winston Churchill! I overheard someone in the back commenting that the actor as Churchill doesn't look like the real one at all. Obvs! Churchill is dead! Unless you could get a still-alive doppelganger who looks like him, it's almost impossible! Okay, that was me crap talkin', but whatevs. And lastly, there's Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) as the Duchess of York, wife to King George VI! It's pretty weird seeing her acting so normal and not evil on screen for once. She's played baddies in Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street! Bec and I were totally laughing at the parts most people in the audience weren't laughing at, and we couldn't get why they laughed in parts we weren't laughing at. Especially at the beginning when they first showed signs of Bertie's "bloody well stammering" problems. We were laughing uncontrollably (but quietly) while everyone stayed quiet. You can view this scene in the trailer below, it's within 0:14 to 0:22.

Overall, it's pretty enjoyable, save for the draggy parts with tons of slow talking with these Brits. After all, it won an Oscar for Best Picture in the Academy Awards! And Colin Firth got the Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar too for this movie.

Anyway, Bec sent me only two pictures from today, so I'll just put 'em up! We went to the pet safari and saw the usual pets for sale. But this time...
A skinny pig joins the family!
Some pretty adorable Syrians there too. Look at their delicate hammie paws!! <3


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