Sunday, March 13

IT Exhibition Day One

Well, I can't say it's not been a pretty productive day! I Woke pretty late (say noon, but that isn't the productive part yet!) and sat in front of my Mac till four and prepped to go to the computer exhibition with my mother and brother!

An impressive crowd as usual! I've been to almost every IT exhibition for the past few years now. We ate at a Japanese restaurant when we arrived (I had tako (octopus) sashimi, plain udon, and some pretty crispy chicken wings! Yummers. The bill came up to 60++ though!

As we waited for my aunt and uncle to arrive, we went up to the exhibition halls first and saw an hourly special that was going on for a Casio Exilim camera! It was initially on sale at 299 bucks, but they started advertising it for 199! There were tons of free stuff that came with it too, like a huge 4-section tripod and a mini tripod! My mother quickly raised her hand and she got it! My brother chose an ocean blue color.
I got a pair of new headphones! My first ones in fact. I've been using earphones all along. This is a Phillips brand called Air Wear. It feels funny when you wear it though. Especially 'round the ears.

Didn't manage to get my new phone or my brother's laptop today, so that's gonna be left for tmrw - the final day of the exhibition! All righty, that's all for today. Till tomorrow, ciaooo! Share

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