Monday, March 14

IT Exhibition Day Two

Final day of the computer exhibition! We headed down in the late afternoon again, but we ate somewhere different, of course! At a sorta cheap family diner/steak house place! I had a dinner burger, some pretty good cream of mushroom soup, onion rings, and root beer!! Can't do without root beer!
...And I finally got a new phone! It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace btdubs! An Android model. I kinda had an iPhone 4 as my other option, but somehow it'd cost more. I chose a white color. I thought that meant the entire phone would be cased in wHITE. No such luck. It was just the back casing that was white! Major scam, I say!
My brother got his laptop (specially for gaming!) too. A Samsung brand too. Kinda wished he got the AlienWare gaming laptop brand though! It might be mighty heavy, but it has a rad keyboard! It LIGHTS up red and blue!

Anyway, I found this old photo I took of a outer sweater my neighbor's mother gave me as a souvenir. From where, I forgot :x But I LOVE IT! Haven't exactly got a chance to wear it though! It's all wool!


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