Friday, April 15

The Hunger Games Movie Update #1

While my mouth is getting a li'l R&R from the surgery on Monday and staying in bed for days afterwards, I caught up on reading The Hunger Games! It's srsly the best suspense and adventure novel I've read thus far! As of now, I've just completed the second book in the trilogy! I'll start on the final novel after I'm done with this blog post! Yipeekayay! And the best part is, there's a movie adaptation of it to be released in March 23, 2012! Can't wait (however unpleased I am with the cast)! I'll also post more updates in relation to the movie as soon as I get 'em, so check back for more!

I initially rooted for Malese Jow (Vampire Diaries) as Katniss EVerdeen. Too bad she didn't even get to audition! Apparently it was due to her age. She just turned 20, and the auditioners had to be between 15-20. I don't see what the problem is here. What a pity. She'd have made a fine Katniss! Conversely, read here for other celebs who either were considered or brought up by fans for the part!

And the chosen Katniss is...


 JENNIFER LAWRENCE (Winter's Bone)! I wasn't too delighted with this choice at first, but since the author of the books herself gave her stamp of approval, I guess she must have played Katniss spectacularly.

Peeta Melark and Gale have been cast too! Not too fond of their choice for Gale. I mean srsly, Miley's ex from Last Song
 Peeta Melark will be played by Josh Hutcherson. He's all right I s'pose.
...and Gale will be portrayed by Liam Hemsworth. Ugh (Of course, this is just me being biased - I have not watched The Last Song and I wouldn't know about his acting chops).

Anyway, all three actors look physically different from their characters they'll be playing in the book, so some talented fans have begun churning out photoshopped photos and fan art! Check 'em out below!
I love this. 
Since Katniss has dark hair, Jennifer would have to go through a major color change from her blond locks. The above cover looks legit enough!
Peeta has blond hair, Josh has dark hair. Do the math.
And switcheroo! Liam has blond hair (you can't really see it here), but has to go dark for the film!
Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss (she actually suits the part now that I'm seeing this!) and Hunter Parrish (?) as Peeta. Again, this is just fan art! I love this one too though!
Take the quiz here! I actually survived it o_o Anyway, if you happen to have read the books before, answer the questions as you imagine yourself to do, and not what Katniss had done in the books! 

Alternatively, you can view more Hunger Games fan art on here! They're all pretty amazing!
A mockingjay necklace! Sooo pretty. You can buy it here (it's currently out of stock, but you can see other related merch on the site)!

Check out the international covers of The Hunger Games below! Some of 'em actually look pretty cool.

 Japanese cover.

 Ummm... Arabic?

Chinese cover.

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