Thursday, April 21

The Hunger Games Movie Update #2

More updates on the upcoming blockbuster of the year in 2012! There's new confirmed castings coming daily since they officially start filming end of May! Just yesterday, the tributes of District 1 (Marvel and Glimmer) have been selected! Apparently, Marvel would be played by Jack Quaid, son of Meg Ryan, and Glimmer would be portrayed by Leven Rambin (she was Rosie the angel in Wizards of Waverly Place!).
The casting gallery on The Hunger Games Movie official Facebook page. (It's kinda sad to see only 2 of them in this whole gallery would be moving on to the second movie...)
Not too bad casting choices!
District 11 tributes were selected just a day before the ones from District 1! Rue and Thresh would be played by Hollywood newcomers Amandla Stenburg and Dayo Okeniyi respectively. Imho, I think both of 'em suit the part!
And today, the role for Primrose Everdeen (Katniss' sister) has been cast! Willow Shields (In Plain Sight) seems like a perfect Prim to me! I originally was rooting for Elle Fanning or even Chloe Moretz for this role, but she's fine too!
Naya Rivera (Santana from Glee!) recently revealed on her Twitter her obsession with the Hunger Games books! I think she would make a perfect Johanna Mason (a previous victor for the Hunger Games of District 7 who makes an appearance in the 2nd book of the trilogy)!

Anyway, I really wish I lived in South Carolina or something. They're having an open casting call today for extras, and there's little chance I may ever get to be in The Hunger Games. Pooh. Also, they've got a working title for the movie called 'Artemis' - meaning goddess of hunting and wilderness. I was kinda scared that meant changing the title of the movie entirely, but they're just having this title for now to hold off paparazzi and leaking of set locations and info and stuff. Thank GOD. 

Okay, too lazy to carry on blogging, so I'll stop here for now! School's killing me slowly, I swear.

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  1. Wow I had no idea that they were already planning so much of the second movie! Yay! I'm so obsessed with the Hunger Games and can't wait to see the second book come to life!!!


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