Sunday, April 24

I ♥ Museums

This blog post is pretty much long over due (I was supposed to blog this two weeks ago on Wednesday!), but since I've prematurely uploaded the pix to Blogger and all, might as well just complete this post!

The week before school started (and now that it has, it's slowly killing me, torturing), Bec and I headed to check out the museums we've never been to! We went to the Central and tried finding cheap food for lunch. We ended up at Manhattan Fish Market eating set lunches! The fish & chips were awesome though, even though they only cost 3.50 for each!

Yummerlicious. Drool all you want!

After that, we tried finding our way to the philatelic museum and had to walk some distance before we found the area! It actually looked like a shophouse, and if there weren't bunny bannered-columns at the sides of the entrance, I'd have walked right past it!

We weren't sure if we had to pay when we entered at first, 'cos the entrance to the exhibits marked a stand that stated we had to pay five bucks to go in. Thank God we didn't have to. We flashed our student passes and went right in. There were 2 levels in all, and my fave was definitely the Bunny Wonderland exhibit! Tons of pictures below!
Bec's hand!
Seats at the center of the rest of the exhibits for the old/really tired. Believe it or not, I sat a few minutes after I'd entered. I can't imagine what I'll be like ten years down...
They had The Simpsons stamp exhibits too (and some non-related stuff like plastic figurines as seen above)! Cool stuff.
A motorcycle postmen used. So Vespa-like!

We encountered bunnies while scaling the steps to the second floor!
Another pair of rabbits at the edge of a wall.
So many miniature postboxes! Wish I coulda bought 'em all!

And now the Bunny Wonderland exhibit...!!
All the rabbit stamps you could ever want...
A random mailbox at a side of the wall.
How many ways can you say 'Bunny'?
Rabbits we found perched atop the cardboard of the exhibit!

They even had Sylvanian Families in the exhibit (One reason I wanted to go)!!

They placed them in rabbit holes! We ended up crouching on fours, trying to peer in to look at the sets! Thankfully nobody was around then (I don't even recall seeing visitors in the exhibits save for one or two).
 We got a set of Disney-themed stamps each at 3 bucks! Love 'em! Another set to add to my stamp collection (not that I actually maintain it)!
I bought a quill pen (they didn't sell the ink bottles there) at the souvenir store too. 16.90! Sooo pricey! 

Next, we entered the Masonic Club that was situated right next to the philatelic museum! I was really curious and we stepped in cautiously. The building had a really vintage, blue structure, and looked pretty magnificent and imposing enough that I didn't dare take a picture. We saw a sign that points to the library in the building, but didn't really dare to venture further. Bec said it was some form of cult, so that says it all, I guess! We left after that, and headed to the Civil Defence Heritage Gallery right behind it! Cool fire engines in there. Free admission too!

Really shiny. I wonder how many times they polish the vehicles in here in a week.
They've got serious lot of mannequins in this gallery.

The inside of the fire engine!
More mannequins... Creepy. They look so life-like with their firefighter costumes.
This was the creepiest one of 'em. You can't see the face!
Even that dog looks real.
A pair of kiddy firefighter costumes hanging by a door for phototaking purposes.
The exterior of the building.
And I end here... Ciao!!! xx

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