Saturday, May 7

First Ship

Hurrah! Rejoicing on the inside (simply 'cos I've no idea how to do so on the outside)! My first online shopping shipment (a Juicy doggy charm for my bracelet!) finally came in after almost two weeks of waiting on Thursday! My mother ordered using ComGateway, but the shipping is all so expensive. It added up to 60++ even though the charm cost only 24.99!

My mother actually ordered a tote bag from Juicy too, but it was sold out when she ordered. Damn. So in the end, we proceeded with our shipment with just the charm. It'd be so much more worth it if we'd ordered a bit more then. 

Still, online shopping paves the way for a BRIGHTER FUTURE! Obvs, I'm exaggerating. But I'm ecstatic to order some more stuff online. Only I'd have to ask my mother for permission, seeing as she is in charge of the PayPal accounts (and pretty much my entire bank account). Fooey.

Took a few pretty ugly shots of the Juicy charm and the fab box that came with! 

Anyway, today was IS day, so I had Life Sciences to go to. We had a field trip to the Science Centre (great, like I haven't been there a million times). It was actually better than I expected it to be (save the part I was loning, looking 'round at exhibits later). I got there a few minutes before 9A.M., but the teacher and the rest of the students arriving by bus were almost a half hour late! So I was just sitting by myself on a bench opposite Macdonald's. What a sad life, I know. 

When they all arrived, we headed straight to a lab in the centre. Free admission for us! A pretty young-looking girl were our teacher for that session, and we were required to sit in groups of 4 (some of the other students didn't), but I sat with my group anyway. There were only 4 other girls in the class (and 3 of 'em were already well acquainted), so lucky me.

Then, we proceeded with doing DNA experimenting using gel, a micropipette, and another equipment which I can't remember what it was called. It was actually pretty fun - reminded me of the chemistry days few years back. We were examining DNA using the colored stuff on the gel that was actually sugar-seaweed (but we weren't allowed to eat 'cos there were chemicals in it too). I touched the gel thing after the experiment ended and it srsly felt like jelly! The hard, wobbly kind. Coolios.
My pink collection! Got a Maybelline New York berry lip balm with SPF 20 at the supermarket and a pink ring file at the bookstore after school ended! Oh, how I've missed spending...

Yummers! Ice cream I had long ago but forgot to upload... Love the cup!
...And my badly severed Sylvanian mouse's head, no thanks to my awful brother!

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