Saturday, May 7

Bruno Mars's 'The Lazy Song'

Okay, I officially have a renewed appreciation for monkeys (or chimps?? I can't tell the difference between chimps and apes)... I turned on MTV a few hours ago and Bruno Mars's new music video 'The Lazy Song' came on. It was so refreshing, just watching a guy in sunglasses and plaid dancing with 5 other monkeys also in their plaid wear (and sunnies), albeit with cool swagger and moves! Check it out in HD below if you haven't! The song rocks all kinds of awesome! Bruno Mars is definitely record gold.

A couple of parodies sprung up on YouTube recently (just like tons of parodies which popped up after Rebecca Black's Friday), and I especially loved Megan Nicole's versh! She puts a girlish twist to it (even to the monkeys)!

I also really loved her version of 'Who Says' by Selena Gomez with Tiffany Alvord! Watch it below!


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