Friday, July 1

New face of Miu Miu

Okay, so I haven't exactly been feeling up to blogging for the past two months! It's almost 1st of July! 4th of July is in 3 days! Get ready for the fireworks people!

Anyway, to ease myself back into blogging regularly again, I'll start with short, random posts first! I still have yet to blog about my cruise vacay a few months back, my trip to Malaysia a few weeks ago, and Japan which I went to LAST APRIL. That's the extent of my procrastination...

Hailee Steinfield (her unforgettable role as Mattie Ross in True Grit, an Oscar-nominated film!) was recently announced as the new face of Miu Miu, and pictures of her in the fashion spread in the Miu Miu Editorial have surfaced! She's only 14, but I can see so much potential in here already! There are other 14 year-olds in Hollywood now who are also probably gonna turn out A-listers in the future (like Chloe Grace Moretz!) so it's not that surprising.

Not only that, Hailee Steinfield has several movie projects coming up! She'll be in Forgotten (book-turned-movie adaptation), Romeo & Juliet (another BTM adaptation) and possibly Sleeping Beauty (not the one shown in Cannes this year starring Emily Browning)! I can't wait to see her in these almost-fairytale and Shakespearish roles! 

Loving this one the most!


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