Friday, July 1

I Love You Like A Love Song, Baby

Well, the long-awaited (at least, for me) third studio album by Mizz Selenita is finally out! It released on iTunes on 28 June! Get her album here on iTunes (or scroll a little downwards to download the entire album free)! I got the whole album leaked just days before the official release date, but I'm still going to get her album when it comes out in stores! The scans I viewed of the lyric book in the album were so awesome and vintage, which is partly the reason I'll be supporting her and getting the album the proper way... 

Check out the rad album artwork below! It's all cleopatra-ish and flapper style combined! I love it! Plus all the songs in this album are a must-hear. Some of my true favorites (I actually love all the songs though) are "Love You Like A Love Song", "Outlaw", "My Dilemma", "Dices" and "We Own The Night"!
Official tracklist:
01. Love You Like A Love Song
 02. Bang Bang Bang
 03. Who Says
 04. We Own The Night
 05. Hit The Lights
 06. Whiplash
 07. When The Sun Goes Down
 08. My Dilemma
 09. That’s More Like It
 10. Outlaw
 11. Middle of Nowhere
 12. Dices (Who Says – Spanish)


Check out the newly released music video for "Love You Like A Love Song"! Probably the best music vid ever by Selena! I especially liked her in the Marie Antoinette costume and in the purple weeded land where she's hitting a heart-shaped piƱata! Apparently, she's in a Japanese karaoke bar, though that doesn't explain the bad Japanese by that obviously Chinese woman, but does the Japanese characters that appear in the music video!

And here are some of the artwork for the singles from her new album! I rated them, too!
 I don't really dig this single artwork! Her head looks awfully weird. It's like somebody detached it from her body and jus t stuck it back on. But ✭✭✭✩✩ for the retro-vintage feel!
 Really simple artwork here for her Spanish version of "Who Says", titled "Dices"! A lot better than the Spanish version of "A Year Without Rain"! ✭✭✭✩✩ for this one!
 This is one of my faves! ✭✭✭✭✭ for this! Her dress is just amazing! It appears in the last few segment of her "Love You Like A Love Song" music video. 
I'm not sure if this is an official album artwork, or maybe it's just fan-made, but here, she's wearing the dress she wore in her "Who Says" music video! ✭✭✭✩✩ for this one!

Anyway, Monte Carlo was just released today! I didn't even get to watch it on the day of release, 'cos apparently Bec and I were too late to view the 2:50 timing in the afternoon when she had to interview a 66 year-old Malay dude for FA2 for his nasi lemak store (he drooled and spit saliva a lot while talking!), and the next & last one for the day is at 7 in the evening! Pity. I've done almost 5 months of waiting, I guess it doesn't hurt to wait a little bit more.

Check out the 2nd trailer of Monte Carlo! I previously posted the first international trailer, and this one is quite similar to the first, with a few additional scenes!

There are several minute-long movie clips that are on YouTube, and I can't possibly post them all here. I put up one of my  faves! Two Selena Gomez's in a room! Awesome!

I'm not that huge a Twilight fan now (mainly 'cos New Moon and Eclipse weren't that nice), but I guess I'll continue with the rest of the saga. A longer trailer has been released! It looks kinda good, so I'll give this a shot!

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