Monday, July 4

Ultimate Foodie

Back to blogging for now! Mainly 'cos I just wanna rid my 'Pix' folder on my desktop of all the old pictures I took weeks ago. My Mac has about 16GB left, especially after I installed Parallels software on it... (more later!), so I'm doing whatever I can to rid as much disk space as I possibly can.

Anyways, this is a whole post plainly on food! I swear, my appetite just grows bigger as I age each day... Not a good sign!

Brace yourself for some drool-worthy pix!

First... MOF (Ministry of Food)! It's a modern Japanese diner! They sell everything, from Japanese soba, udon, ramen to whatever don they have, Hokkaido ice-cream, and best of all, SUSHI! I'm a huge fan of sushi, but I only eat a select few types of sushi, of course. I ate this for lunch while going to ANOTHER IT exhibition...

Here's what I ordered...
 Hot chocolate at 4 bucks! Free plate of 4 mochi (glutinous rice cake) pieces with it! Love the cute tray that comes with!
 Onigiri (rice ball) with chuka idako (seasoned baby octopus) in it! Yummers. Reminds me of what characters in Pokemon eat...
 Cream corn California handroll! The seaweed was really difficult to tear with my teeth, though!
 My meagre share of plain udon in the background...

And for dinner the next day... Bakerzin! With just my mother this time, when we went to the IT exhibition for its final day. I usually hate crowds, but I almost always go to such things, mostly 'cos I love getting new techie stuff!

What I got at Bakerzin... (no macarons this time! I just didn't feel up to sweet confectionery then)
 Wild Mushroom Soup in an adorable mug.
 What I ALWAYS order at Bakerzin! Chocolate souffle! It's piping hot, really crunchy at the top, and all spongy-fudgy at the bottom!

The end-result of the souffle!

I bought Betty Crockers' Warm Delights: Hot Fudge Brownie a month or so ago when I was bored and all done with school and walking around in the supermarket! Basically, it's almost instantaneous baking! You just had to pour in the mix, add water, stir, and leave it in the microwave for a few minutes. Sounds easy, right?

Well, not for me!
How it's supposed to look...
 How mine turned out... I know, absolutely grotesque.Just look at the difference! I can't bake, nor can I cook. Whatevs.

Below... a random lollipop I was sucking on. I loved its shape!

Looks like a Hershey's Kisses, no?
Final picture! A random Italian soda from Sushi King, while I  was vacationing in KL!

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