Thursday, July 21

The Hunger Games Movie Update #3

I just had to post this! I'll post about the other mundane and excessively boring stuff in my life a little later, but when I woke up and checked for news on The Hunger Games movie, I was so ecstatic when I found they have finally created an official website, countdown widget (you can see it in the 'Announcements' right on the top of my site) and an official motion poster (it was placed at Lionsgate's Comic-Con booth, where they gave out free posters - I wish I was one of 'em!).

Here's the official motion poster! It looks uber cool!

And below are two of my favorite Hunger Games fan-made short movies (both by MainstayPro!) The first one is primarily one of Katniss by Rue's side as she dies being killed by another fellow tribute, while the second is of young Haymitch and Maysilee in the Quarter Quell. (I'm sorry, you might not understand if you haven't read the books! And I'm too lazy to go into details now...)


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