Friday, September 30

Day Out with Cuz

I've already been back from Paris since last Thursday (it's been a whole week! Having major France withdrawals...)
Shall blog about today first, since I'm really lazy to blog about the France trip! Woke up pretty early (only 'cos my mother woke me up before she went out to work - I'm pretty sure there's some jet lag in me yet) and waited for my cousin to wake up (she actually slept at 6AM)!
When she eventually did (approx. 10AM), I prepped, and wore my new skirt I'd bought in pimkie in Vichy, France!
The first store I popped into at the mall was 'Paper Market', for sure! Just can't get enough of scrapbooking supplies... even though I barely used whatever I'd bought in the past year! I spent a total of $15.70, all in less than 15 minutes! Damn, I really have to be careful (or at least, not bring out any cash at all whenever I go out!) about spending! I'm becoming a total spender, especially after returning from France (possibly since I had an abundance of cash there)!
Here is what I bought from 'Paper Market'! They sell the best scrapbooking supplies!
 ABOVE & BELOW: Bought two sets of vintage stickers at $4.90 each! Love 'em all! Initially wanted to get only 1 set to save money, but I still wound up getting both 'cos I couldn't choose between them!

 Bough these 2 empty cards at $1.50 each! I assume I shall be decorating them myself as birthday cards for others! So pretty!
The stickers are mostly Christmas phrases, and the set was just $2.90! Too much of a waste to pass this up! 

Once I met my cousin, and she had collected a measly 10 bucks from her boss at a departmental store she got fired from (apparently they didn't welcome part-timers anymore), we headed to town!

We immediately started looking for food (we darted into shops in & out along the way) when we got there, and headed to Wheelock to look for restaurants to dine at for lunch! While we were looking at the menu for a Japanese restaurant there, 'Sun with Moon' as I recall, I saw a Mediacorp actress entering! I don't usually get all too excited about the actors & actresses from Mediacorp (as compared to Hollywood celebrities), but I thought I should just blog about it anyway, 'cos that's as exciting as my life is gonna get.

We decided to eat at 'cedele' instead! We split the food really evenly, so the bill could be split really evenly. We ordered 2 mushroom chicken soups, shared a black pepper crab pasta (our choice of pasta being linguine!) and a hot chocolate!
 My untouched mushroom chicken soup! It was downright tasty!
 Classic Chocolate Addiction...
Pasta! Yummalicious. I don't eat crab, but it tasted awesome (the white bits, I didn't eat the whole crab at the side)

After the lunch, we went shopping straightaway! I managed to snag the boots I was eyeing at Forever 21 before we went to eat! I only managed to pay with all the cash I had left 'cos my cousin offered to foot the bill for lunch first!

My awesome $49 boots (with some heel - unfortunately):
 Side view!
And from the front!

After we were done walking around in Bugis Street, we headed to my cousin's house so I can pick out her unwanted goods (namely bags & tops!) to bring home! We waited for the bus for a bit, but it didn't come, so we took a taxi during the peak hours. Unfortunately, the milk tea we left unattended on the seat flopped over onto the ground of the taxi, and we ended up spamming our tissues and my wet tissues trying to wipe all the liquid up. I was uber grossed out, but we dried the ground in the end, and apologised to the driver. I could tell he still was pretty pissed though.

Shall end here for now! I might just get enough motivation to blog all about France soon. Hopefully. Perhaps. Possibly.
 This equation makes total sense, sort of. I forgot how this equation works, so unfortunately, I didn't get it completely. My Math sucks ass.
I managed to give my music teacher this box of violet-infused mints I bought in Vichy! Loved the designs on it!

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