Saturday, October 1

Big Time Broke

It's amazing, the feeling you get when you bring out zero cash money while going shopping! I loved the feeling when you pay with a card! Mine is just a debit card, not a credit, mind you. Still, it felt pretty awesome.

Headed to town again, with Becky this time!
I watched her eat Wendy's, saw an Asian version of Darren Criss (he was even wearing a similar shirt to Blaine in Glee!) across from our table where we were sitting, and tried to take a photo of him without him noticing. 
I think he suspected we were laughing at him, unfortunately. Becky noticed him turning to look SHARPLY at us as we left Wendy's. The face even slightly resembled Darren Criss! Amazing.

We then went darting in and out of different Zara outlets (okay, just two) trying on jeans (just Bec, I tried on 2 really pink, but beautiful blazers to accompany hers truly), then to Kinokuniya! I signed up for a membership card again! But just for a year. Perhaps in 2 years, I mightn't even be here anymore! Thank heavens.

Here's what I bought (with my debit card, of course!):
 My cousin's present for her 21st birthday. Rilakkuma is her favourite character. My mother mistook this as a toilet seat cover. By golly.
Third French help guide I've bought to aid me! 

Anyway, I've bought a lot of stuff over the past few months, so that's probably why I'm so broke. *Sigh* Here are some photos I took of the stuff I bought each time I came home! (Apologies, this is a pretty boring post, I guess I've forgotten how to blog after so long!)
 A graphic novel I thought could never find here. Check out the official blog where there are more of these comics!

Bought a new Sylvanian families set sometime back (Not inclusive of the rabbit doll)!
 The enhanced end-product!

Really expensive Vintage London postcards from CityLuxe!

 The 20USD Juicy notebook I'd ordered online for Becky! It's already arrived & in her hands! So pretty - the watercolour graphic!

 Pretty doll post-its!

 I'm a huge fan of Sentimental Circus now. It's the cutest character Japan has come up with yet!

Obviously a huge fan.

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