Saturday, December 31

Stuff Schmuffs

Just gonna post seriously random stuff (I'm trying to clear my photos I'd taken ages before - they're piling up!). Bear with moi!

Ordered a faucet plugy! It is a decorative cellphone jack!
Mells ordered mine along with another faucet and a Stitch plugy! So cute!

A Forever 21 necklace I bought for myself! A revolving earth ornament, with a metallic plane and postcard!
And Becks helped order a shirt through David&Goliath too! I love my shirt (even though I'm not really a vegetarian...)!

Becky's other shirts she ordered.
What I received for Breaking Dawn movie premiums from Kinokuniya: a 2012 movie calendar, a mug and a huge movie poster! I'm always winning stuff from their contests... Movie tickets for X-Men First Class, The Lovely Bones, Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2... Awesome! But I guess that's 'cause not many people bother signing up for these contests (which just includes answering one simple question!). No idea what I'm gonna do with these freebies though... I'm not a huge fan of Twilight anyway.

Below are the souvenirs I received from Alleyne (she gave all 5 of us) from Hong Kong and China! These photos are looong overdue.

Love the velvety pink pencil case!

Coral bracelet.

And below, some of the souvenirs from Mells bought in Hong Kong, too!

We ate at Hot Tomato at Nex to exchange souvenirs!
Awesome mushroom soup!
And we shared escargots (I particularly felt like eating them after getting to try them in Paris - the ones in Singapore definitely couldn't compare)!

We stayed pretty late one night editing our radio segment! We decided to buy frozen food from Cheers in the school compound!
Beef lasagne!
I think this lasagne is chicken!

Beck and my leftovers from Pizza Hut! I think it was some holiday season special pizza!

My family, together with my aunt and uncle went to this Chinese restaurant pretty long ago for dinner!
The chairs they had were so adorable! They were shaped like hands, with the fingers as a back rest and arm rest. I selected a pink one to sit on:

My Italian soda (I wonder why they call it that)!
And spring rolls!

Other random food snapshots await below!
How my pasta turned out! It tasted pretty okay I guess!
A reaaaally old photo! Ate this at Long John Silvers' with Elaine!
And Sour Sally fro-yo with Becks! I love their fro-yo the best! We added mini chocolate-chip cookie bits!

Elaine and I went to the airport to attempt studying, and we wound up eating at Astons! Their food is awesomely cheap and satisfactory.
See our notes there in the corner?

The Cow and I shared this plate of fries at the Riders Cafe @ Bt Timah Saddle Club while waiting for our interview with a staff there! Best fries everrrr.
Bought this cup of Baskin Robbins. I forgot what flavour it was... I'm so glad they came here!
Becky's meddling fingers.

Had dinner at a Japanese restaurant with my cousin!
Chuka idako (seasoned baby octopus)! I love eating these to bits, no matter how gross they may seem. 
A close-up! Feast your eyes!
Scallop ramen!
Had cookies and cream at Island Creamery! We just bought our French books from Alliance Fran├žaise then.
Becky's apple pie with ice-cream!
And I shall leave you with this cool horoscope personality checker!
Hurrah for Leo!

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